Don’t check the locks

mystery keys

I cannot be responsible for mistakes made following tips or blogs 😉

A terrible electronic cry screeches out in the middle of the darkness. You barely perceive it as the alarm in your bleariness. Then you realise this is the ungodly hour you set to get up. You walk around in confusion amongst the hive of activity as everyone sticks to the preprepared plan and eventually you make your way out into the darkness and onto the quiet roads.This is the start of your holiday and you’re determined it will be great. find out more


How to get the best seat on a train?


A small crowd waits, the hubbub of anticipation tangible in the air. Looking up you scan across the digital boards that glare back down like sentinels looking down on lower beings. Manchester – Platform 9, Edinburgh – Platform 2, Your own destination – Platform –. You just know that everyone’s eyes are fixed on those flashing dashes, and you know what will happen when they change.  Find out more



Hello everyone. I am Wise O and this is my new blog. It is a place for me to note my many random findings. It will be a hive of important information, with articles as crucial as ’What deserves the title of The Ultimate Chocolate Bar’ and ‘How to find the perfect seat on a train’. If you like picking up useless facts and intriguing information you should hopefully enjoy this.  Find out more